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"Equilibrex is a powerful tool!

It can be used as an efficient stress reduction therapy that helps keep your energy flowing

while blocking the effects of daily stressors. It's a good start for stress relief.

It is simply a revolutionary device that shows steady results.

I'm still amazed!"

Dr. Joanne Flanagan


What is Equilibrex?

Equilibrex is a Bio-energy enhancer designed to strengthen your resistance to the effects to both stress and electromagnetic fields (EMF), increase your energy level, and improve your mental performance. It promotes a controlled environment where stress triggers and harmful band waves are virtually eliminated. It supports your mental and physical balance which is essential for optimal health.

How does Equilibrex work ?

The basic principle behind Equilibrex's success is energy imprint. Equilibrex's geometrical structure is a precise reproduction of the vital forces commonly gathered under the term :"Life energy" or "chi". This mathematical blueprint has been proven- under rigorous laboratory testing- to manifest many of the characteristics of higher mental vibrations. The entire process consists of series of Energy exchanges between the environment, your Bio-energy field and Equilibrex generated forces. Equilibrex raises your Bio-field rate of vibration by supplying it with an unlimited flow of Energy.

What are the benefits from using Equilibrex?

You should sense a change in your daily life However, Equilibrex works best if you live in a demanding environment where one is constantly under the influences of Electromagnetic field (TV, cell phones, microwave ovens), a stressful career or a world class athlete. Equilibrex produces more changes when a greater demand of energy and balance is needed. Equilibrex will bring balance, increase physical and mental energy and strength; mental focus is sure to follow.

What should I expect when using Equilibrex?

Below is a shortened list of the major effects Equilibrex should bring to your life. You can expect changes within a short period of time. The changes will be proportionate to the level and nature of the unbalance present in your life:

Increased mental awareness 

Increased sense of happiness 

Increased self-confidence 

More physical energy 

Peacefulness of mind 

Increased occurrence of positive thoughts 

Sense of control 

Sharper mental focus and greater stamina

Will Equilibrex cure any diseases?

Equilibrex has not been proven to directly cure any known diseases, although the mental edge and energy balance gain with Equilibrex has been shown to drastically increase your chances of living and staying healthier.

What if I'm pregnant or nursing?

Equilibrex is a natural device which would not affect any aspects of your pregnancy. It should be noted that Equilibrex is perfectly safe for children as well.

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This Bio-energy enhancer is designed to strengthen your resistance to the effects of both stress and electromagnetic fields (EMF),increase your energy level, and improve your mental performance.

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