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Yellow Curtain

My late husband Casey Viator - the youngest Mr. AMERICA in History 2004, Body Building Hall of Fame with his friend and training Partner Arnold Schwarzenegger

"What does it mean to be the best? It's nothing but a state of mind where everything is working for you, not against you.

The more things you have working for you, the closer to perfection you get.

Equilibrex regulates my energy flow which allows me to recuperate faster.

With Equilibrex I have increased my energy intake, I definitely have gained an edge!! "

 Casey Viator


"My wife hurt her back shoveling snow. I placed an Equilibrex pendant on the sore spots, and she hardly felt any pain."
Sam, Rockford, IL


"I am a senior citizen, very sensitive to electro-magnetic radiation. I get fatigued and physically sick around any microwaves and computers. Since I have been wearing my Equilibrex pendant, I feel so much better and can sleep better."
Susan, Dayton, OH


"I am a personal trainer, and a soccer coach. By wearing an Equilibrex pendant, I find that I have more energy and stamina to get through my long, hectic days."
Mason, Milwaukee, WI


"I was a professional ballet dancer, until I was struck with fibromyalgia. I could hardly get out of bed. I received a gift of your Equilibrex pendant. I am now getting out of bed and actually giving ballet lessons a few hours a day."
Victoria, Madison, WI


"I am an over the road trucker with high blood pressure, and on medication for it. Another trucker with the same problem, was wearing an Equilibrex Pendant and swore that it lowered his blood pressure to normal. He gave me an Equilibrex Pendant for Christmas, and it's the BEST gift I
ever received. My blood pressure is now normal, and I'm saving hundreds of dollars by not having to buy prescriptions."
Eddie, Denver, CO


"As a result of taking a DOT physical for a Commercial Drivers License, I was advised that my blood pressure was just high enough to be in the low end of an unacceptable level. I had a three month period to lower my blood pressure. I did two things to achieve lowering my blood pressure. I lowered my intake of caffeine.I drank an average of one caffeinated soda a day. I switched to caffeine free. The second thing, I started to use the Equilibrex pendant. In less than a month my blood pressure dropped to 118/75. My doctor was surprised at how fast my blood pressure dropped. I told him only about the reduction in caffeine. He thought the reduction would not be enough to have that much impact by itself. He was puzzled."
John V., Mequon, WI


"I didn't believe a word about the harmful radiation from my cell phone, or hair dryer until I saw your demonstration at your lecture. I do feel alot more balanced since I have been wearing my Equilibrex Pendant."
Richard W., Phoenix, AZ


"This pendant saved my life. I became so balanced that I realized I was strong enough emotionally to divorce my abusive husband. I am so happy now."
Janice T, Los Angeles, CA


"I have fibromyalgia and the Equilibrex Pendant has definitely helped lesson the pain. I just place it on the aching area, and I can sleep much better."
Marcia, Minneapolis, MN 


"My husband and I are both 75 years of age, and we both purchased a pendant from Dr. Joanne Flanagan. We are retired, but have a large 3/4 acre lot of land to maintain. Since we purchased these pendants, both of us have noticed that we both have more energy than ever before. We both can work out in our yard for hours, sometimes 3 or more and still have plenty of energy to do our normal activities. We woild recommend these to anyone. If it has helped us at our age, imagine what it can do for younger adults."
Truman & Maria Strong, Wisconsin 

"Since I began wearing the pendant, I have experienced a noticably higher theshold of normal everyday stress in my work life. I have also experienced a noticeable increase in my energy level, both in work and social activities. I personally recommend the wearing of this pendant to bring about a "new" source of vitality & well being." 
Paul Edwards, President, Trax52 Recording Studio, Wisconsin

"I was a skeptic at first, so I gave it a try since nothing else seemed to work. My job has me in a vise grip everyday, and I desperately needed something to help keep me from exploding, and possibly losing my job. Dr. Joanne recommended that I wear a pendant for a week, and I did. It was amazing how it helped keep me calmer and less agitated. Within a day I felt better and more energetic. I wear it everyday, and also get compliments on "how nice my jewelry looks! " 
C.B., Media3 Group

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This Bio-energy enhancer is designed to strengthen your resistance to the effects of both stress and electromagnetic fields (EMF),increase your energy level, and improve your mental performance.

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