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Equilibrex ® Pendant Stress Relief

in the form of Mathematics and Geometry

The Equilibrex®  Pendant by SuperBodies® is a unique bio-energy enhancer designed to keep you balanced in an unhealthy world. Equilibrex®  Pendant strengthens your resistance and resilience to the effects of stress.  It increases your energy and enhances your mental clarity and mental performance, especially under pressure.

It strengthens your resistance to electromagnetic pollution electromagnetic fields EMF Z – such as computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices. It supports your mental and physical balance, which is essential for optimal health.

Most people suffer from some form of stress, which can be harmful physically, mentally and emotionally. However, according to the makers of Equilibrex® , stress doesn’t have to affect us this way. Equilibrex®  is a pendant that is manufactured based on the irrational number of Phi, also referred to as the Golden Ratio, and helps relieve stress as well as block other forces that can be detrimental to the human body.

Using Phi as its basis, Equilibrex’s geometrical structure is a precise reproduction of energy forces often called “Life energy” or “Chi.” Using Equilibrex®  helps strengthen the user’s resistance to the effects of both stress and electromagnetic fields, increases their energy level and improves their mental performance.

The number Phi (1.6180339887) is often encountered when taking the ratios of distances in simple geometric figures. Phi has been found to have applications in architecture, the human body, plants, DNA and more. The use of Phi in the creation of Equilibrex®  helps reduce stress and give users more energy. Stress can come in many forms, including newer technologies, work and family life. I wanted to create a product that will strengthen users’ resilience to known and hidden stressors in the world today, helping them obtain balance and live a fuller, happier life. Usage of Equilibrex®  can vary from user-to-user.


You should wear Equilibrex®  when you are feeling stressed or unbalanced. Equilibrex®  works on an individual basis and will give you the balance you need, nothing more or less.

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This Bio-energy enhancer is designed to strengthen your resistance to the effects of both stress and electromagnetic fields (EMF),increase your energy level, and improve your mental performance.

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Modern scientists have just come to realize what has been known for centuries: Everything is vibrating! Molecular vibration is the fuel of existence, and all vibrations have corresponding geometrical manifestations. 


It’s a well-known fact that sound can be measured in frequencies. All sounds manifest a specific geometric structure that is unique to each individual sound only. Our latest research has proven that thoughts also have specific geometrical patterns and the very same is true for all forms of energy. In order to increase your mental focus level and reduce the effects of stress, one must raise mental vibrations.


Equilibrex precisely reproduces the geometric patterns of five key elements of Existence, what we call life energy: evolution, proportion, unity, direction, and purpose.

The geometric representation of those elements dictates a manifestation of those forces, like a shadow demands a presence and vice versa.


Equilibrex not only continuously attracts higher forces, but it concentrates those forces into one field, becoming a second source of life energy.


The vibrational field generated by Equilibrex interacts with the one generated by your body. The process produces a state of equilibrium. Pertaining to the Laws of Physics, the Equilibrex vibrations are higher in energy than yours, (transferring that energy to you), and you'll feel an internal gain of power. This process will reduce the effects of stress and increase your mental focus potential until a balanced state is reached.


Equilibrex provides you with a source of unequal power that helps defer the harmful, unhealthy vibrations present in your daily life. It acts as an Energy field purifier that constantly elevates your physical performance and increases your mental focusRead the Equilibrex experiment.

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Vibralife Institute Laboratories are proud to introduce Equilibrex, the only scientifically proven “Energy field regulator” in existence today that does not require any man made external source of power.

Equilibrex was designed in laboratories with the highest degree of precision to duplicate the geometrical structure of the manifestations of higher energies constituting what is commonly known as life force .

It acts as a constant pulse transmitter that generates a powerful energy field similar to the one created by the forces responsible for our vital energy. This process neutralizes potentially harmful molecular vibrations by magnifying stable energy fields.


The key to Equilibrex success lies in its mathematical blueprint. Equilibrex's design is a mathematical reproduction of the Universal Life Force geometrical configuration and its Quadra-dimensional layout acts as a transformer that intensifies ascending energies by magnifying specific frequencies.


Introduce Equilibrex to any living system and the result is a more powerful, well-balanced and extremely healthy energy field.

We all know the vital importance of a strong energy field. Modern science is now just recognizing its mere existence. A strong and balanced energy field leads to a healthy physical life but more importantly, it insures that we are mentally ready to tackle all of our daily problems and exponentially better our lives.

We have discovered that when Equilibrex is introduced to a system, its entire structure rearranges itself at the molecular level to become more ordered, closer to the structure of a purer element.

In fact, extensive studies have shown that contaminated aqueous solutions rapidly transform and show amazing signs of purification within a very short amount of time.


The free flowing and Quadra-dimensional design makes Equilibrex the scientific device of long standing spiritual beliefs!

Introduce Equilibrex to your life and start enjoying extraordinary vital energy with all of its benefits and powers


Equilibrex has conclusively demonstrated under rigorous testing that it changes the molecular configuration of the systems studied. Utilizing Dr. Masaru Emoto's experiment on the study of crystalline structures, we have been able to show that Equilibrex generates a strong Bio-field similar in nature, to positive and higher mental energy. 

In studying the effects of Equilibrex on aqueous systems, Vibralife Institute research laboratories have discovered fascinating facts on the effects of Equilibrex on its surrounding environment:


Equilibrex manifests enough energy to purify and balance biological systems.

Equilibrex reproduces vibrations capable of balancing emotions and blocking the effects of stressors.

Equilibrex acts as a protective shield against incoming and  disrupting Electromagnetic Fields (TV, cell phones, computers, microwave ovens) and mental energies (pressure situation, emotional conflict).

Equilibrex maximizes and increases our body's usage of energy by reducing the influx and processing of damaging energy waves.


We obtained several samples of water from different sources for our experiment. The samples were then exposed to a variety of environmental factors such as cigarette smoke, Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and pollution. The samples were thereafter frozen at -25C and observed at an ambient temperature of -5C under a digital microscope.


The first part of the experiment consisted in observing the crystalline structure of the different samples. Photos of crystals observed under a digital microscope at magnification of x200.



Equilibrex rearranged the molecular structure of all the samples studied, reversing the effects of pollution, Electromagnetic fields and stress. Equilibrex generated enough energy to realign the water molecules to their purest and most efficient configurations. 

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This Bio-energy enhancer is designed to strengthen your resistance to the effects of both stress and electromagnetic fields (EMF),increase your energy level, and improve your mental performance.

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