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DR. JOANNE FLANAGAN at the SPINX in Giza, Egypt

Dr. Joanne Flanagan is a world-renown expert in stress analysis and reduction of stress.  She wrote the book, “Secrets of Revitalization,” plus numerous articles for national magazines on stress, nutrition, exercise, sleep, and electromagnetic pollution by electromagnetic fields (EMF’s). She was the forerunner of much of the present day research in many of these areas. Dr. Joanne is an incredibly multifaceted lady who has researched many “out of the box” subjects and has taught about them in seminars and lectures. She is an internationally known speaker, and has traveled extensively around the world researching all things that have an effect on health.

Dr. Joanne began writing poems and stories as a child, and won her first contest at seven years old with a poem she wrote.  She was on Fox 6 and received a gift certificate.  She won again the next year at eight years old, and decided to keep on writing.
Dr. Joanne earned many degrees beginning with an Associate Degree from M.I.T. (Milwaukee), B.S. and M.S. degrees at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.  She received her Ph.D in education and psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where she taught post-graduate courses in Dealing With Stress, and the Columbia Pacific University.  She taught school in the Greenfield School District while working on her Master’s & Doctorate Degree.  She also taught at the Milwaukee Public Schools. Dr. Joanne received a Lifetime Degree from The American Association Of Nutritional Consultants.  She received a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do while she was teaching school and appeared on many TV shows since at that time there were very few women in that sport.  She then opened her own Karate School  with a national karate champion, called Fighting Arts System.  This was the best form of exercise she could find, plus it taught self defense, self discipline, and respect for others which had become so important.  She was a teacher at her own school, and encouraged women and children to learn the sport.  She produced many exhibitions at schools and other events.

While in college, she competed in “Miss Future College Girl” and won first prize.  She then took up modeling and was featured in TV commercials and a few videos.  This wasn’t challenging enough at that time and the producers told her to further her education which would be much more important in her future.

While teaching 4th grade in Greenfield, she began researching Pyramid Energy.  An all district science fair was coming up, and a girl in her class wanted to do some pyramid experiments.  She  put up pyramids in the room and placed food and other things in them.  Everything dehydrated and nothing spoiled.  The girl won first place in the science fair!!!  Children enjoyed sitting in the pyramids and it had a calming effect on them.  Dr. Joanne began researching this energy and decided to resign from teaching and travel to Egypt to see the real pyramids.

In one year alone Dr. Joanne traveled around the world five times in search of physicians and health practitioners who have developed various therapeutic modalities whose effect was supposedly rejuvenation or slowing down aging.

Each trip included Egypt and the pyramids. She said it felt as though she had been there before (déjà Vu), as did many people that came on each tour.  Dr. Joanne produced tours featuring several Pyramid Power book authors and met many officials of the Giza Pyramid area.  With a lot of talking about the energy in the King’s Chamber, she convinced one of them to allow her and a few researchers to stay in the granite filled chamber (which is in the center) at night, after the tours were over so that she could measure the energy and frequencies.  It was amazing! It was hard to explain the balancing effect that she felt, but she later duplicated that with her invention of the Equilibrex®  design. Napoleon stayed in the King’s Chamber for a night in 1798 and it was said that he came out a different man.

Dr. Joanne enjoyed writing lyrics for songs, which she sold to many singers.  She then opened a recording studio with a music producer, called Royal Recording Studio, and they wrote and produced CD’s and music videos for several famous artists.  She still writes lyrics for people.  She represented several bands and got them gigs at many fairs and venues, which led to open a Night Club called the Maze.  It became very popular with 800 people on some nights and famous singers such as Alicia Keys performed there.  Dr. Joanne again went back to her research and lecturing at different health expos.

Dr. Joanne began producing the Wellness Body Mind Spirit Expos 10 years ago.  The aim was to have a one stop event for everything health and wellness.  This takes place twice a year with speakers and vendors that are experts in their fields and can help everyone learn new ways to enhance their lives. She designed and produces the SuperBodies® line of clothing for everyone.

Dr. Joanne is the president and founder of SuperBodies® Inc., an institute that researches the nature of hidden stressors that destroy vitality and cause health problems.  Her research led her to design and get a trademark on the Equilibrex® pendant, the first of its kind, which balances the body and protects one from electromagnetic fields (EMF’s). This research can be seen on her website.

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